Email Marketing and the Role of Mobile Devices

Email Marketing and the Role of Mobile Devices

Just when you were thinking that you knew your email marketing technology and were on top of your game and knew the ins and outs of the email marketing services then you get the bombshell piece from MarketingSherpa:

‘Sixty four percent of all business to business decision makers check on their mail on mobile devices.’

You read that right… SIXTY-FOUR PERCENT. That’s a huge percentage that we, as marketing professionals trying to expand our clients sales must now keep in mind when sending out those emails. We here at Inboxy saw it on a webinar, and follow the link to see for yourself the MarketingSherpa report.

Do you as a professional usually test your marketing emails before they are sent out to potential clients on your Iphone, Samsung or some other smart phone they are sent out? We thought to run an experiment right here at Inboxy. Farooq has his Treo using PalmOS, Faheem has a BlackBerry Pearl, while I have a Windows Mobile 5 smart phone.  I made a comprehensive list that had the three of us, sent out a message to our entire list, and afterwards we checked each phone.

Surprisingly, the BlackBerry phone attempted to read the html, but gave us the full text link information as opposed to just giving us the links to click. The Palm Treo analyzed the html well, but the results showed us that our 2-column template left much to be desired, since the content which is in the left side column of the phone  (a couple of navigation links) was shown first. The Windows Mobile phone too did a great job with reading the html, however had the exact same problem: the reader himself would have had to scroll all the way down the page to see the really important content.

The results made us do two things:

1. Redo our entire email template in such a way as to put the main content on the left hand column, in order that it shows first on a small screen secondly.

2. Make sure that our template is simple and easy to use for all people. I know you might have heard this one before